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R & S Wilhelm Recording is a Long Island based company serving the performing arts community for the past 21 years.  A husband and wife team, Richard, a former software developer, is the audio recording specialist and mastering engineer, while Susan with a background in the visual arts, is lead video recordist/post-production editor, graphics designer and photographer.


We have an extensive knowledge of the musical repertoire and performing practices from the Renaissance to modern day, along with the techniques that produced some of the greatest classical and jazz recordings of all time.  We believe that while technical skill is of prime importance, it must always be put in service of an aesthetic goal - showcasing the performing group or soloist in a manner that conveys their artistic essence to the end listener or viewer.

Over the years, R & S has gained enthusiastic praise for both technical excellence and aesthetic refinement in audio and video production.  Our clients have included:

Suffolk County Music Educators' Association
New York State Council of Administrator's of Music Education
Long Island String Festival Association
Hampton Music Educators' Association
Nassau-Suffolk Performing Arts
West Islip Creative Arts Dance Recitals
Long Island University LIU Post

LIU Post Band Festival
Stony Brook University
Long Island Symphonic Choral Association
Huntington Choral Society
Mineola Choral Society

East End Women's Choir

Long Island Wind Ensemble

Sound Symphony
Members of the New York Philharmonic

Frances C. Roberts and Company
Long Island Masterworks

Long Island Choral Festival
Long Island Philharmonic

In addition to these organizations, we've served countless individuals with diverse needs such as audition videos, competition videos, audio book recordings and conference archive recordings.

We look forward to working with you as well!

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