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Vintage Mic

Location Audio Recording

Our remote recording equipment brings the recording studio to your venue.  Concerts, recitals, dedicated sessions are all captured in state-of the-art 24-bit high-resolution sound. Exclusive use of Neumann and AKG microphones, world-renowned within classical, jazz and popular music recording circles ensure clarity, balance and sense of performing space.  Back at our studio, audio editing and mastering takes the sound to the next level for the final presentation destined for digital files, CD or video soundtrack.  Contact us to discuss your project!


At Our Small Ensemble Studio

Our small ensemble studio features superb acoustics, a 6'10" grand piano plus a comprehensive audio and video recording suite. A relaxed stress-free atmosphere compliments creative expression and helps you put forth your personal best.  The perfect solution for artists interested in making an audition or demo recording.  Contact us today for a quote!

String Quartet

Location Video Recording

With great audio comes great video.  Our HD multi-camera production suite captures video from all angles live in concert or recital.  Post-production editing showcases all performers and compliments the music’s dynamics, highlighting the ever-changing ensemble, sectional and soloist contributions.  We even include  camera shots not available to the concertgoer.  In fact, the video becomes an integral part of the performance.  Featuring Dolby Digital 2.0 sound, captured and produced with the same high standard as our audio-only productions.

  Call us today for a quote!

Performing Ochestra
Commuter with Headphones

Bringing the Performance to You

We offer a multitude of media options to get your recording out into world: mp3, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB drive and cloud-based distribution.  Our premium packages include CD jewelcase art and photography, in addition to DVD and Blu-ray slimcase art and graphics for a professional presentation.  All manufacturing is done in-house, so you'll be working with the owners of the company from your project's start to finish.  Sales support and distribution available for large concerts and festivals.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

Commuter with Headphones
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