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With the advent of video streaming and fewer households having DVD and Blu-ray players, USB flashdrive video is becoming a popular alternative in cases where streaming is not an option.

MPEG-2 is by far the most common format for high definition video files, and is the codec used for the videos contained on your flashdrive. However, unlike DVDs and Blu-ray discs which must adhere to a strict formatting standard to enable universal playback, your flash drive can be played on any number of devices and including desktop computers and smart TVs. So some fine tuning may be required depending on the device you're using.



I'm using Microsoft Windows 10 and I can't find an application to play my videos.

Prior versions of Windows included Windows Media Player, not included with many versions of Windows 10 or 11. You can purchase a media player directly from Microsoft, or use the following freeware which works extremely well. Note that our company is not a sponsor of this software or affiliated in any way:

Flashdrive won't play on my Fire TV.
Here are some solutions:

The video files are playing out of sequence.

Most devices will allow you to sort the video files. Sort by 'Name'.

Windows issues message 'Drive contains errors - scan to fix' after using the flashdrive on my Smart TV and then returning to Windows.

This happens occasionally when a non-Windows device adds a housekeeping file to the drive.  You can scan the drive to fix, but it will generally not find any errors.

Are the flash drive MPEG files write-protected?
No. It is suggested that you back up your flashdrive in case it should become damaged or corrupted.

Can I share these files on YouTube, Facebook or other social media platforms?
Absolutely not.  These files are intended for your personal use only.

 Any internet upload is a violation of copyright law.


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